Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO)
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Summary:Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO) is a leading research & development manufacturing enterprise, affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), for oil drilling and production equipments, land drilling rigs, F-series mud pumps, multi-purpose wirelines and drilling rig power control system.



Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO) is a leading research & development manufacturing enterprise, affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), for oil drilling and production equipments, land drilling rigs, F-series mud pumps, multi-purpose wirelines and drilling rig power control system.


BOMCO was founded in 1937 as Baoji Oilfield Machinery Plant, which was incorporated into petroleum industry in 1953 and reformed into a limited liability company in 2002. In 2008, it became a one-person limited liability company solely owned by China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). BOMCO has 11 functional departments, 9 departments directly under it and 18 secondary divisions, including Xianyang BOMCO Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co., Ltd., BOMCO Chengdu Equipment Manufacturing Company, Baoji BOMCO Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Xi’an BOMAY Electric Industries Co., Ltd., BOMCO Electric Equipment Co., Ltd., BOMCO Brazil Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. and BOMCO Offshore Equipment Branch, etc. BOMCO has 8,170 employees, including 276 senior engineers, 168 engineers with master or doctor degree, 2 experts enjoying special government allowance, 1 outstanding expert of Shaanxi Province, 4 senior experts and 3 senior technicians of CNPC. At present, BOMCO owns more than 2,300 sets of machines, covers an area of 250 hectares with the floor area of 797,700 m2. The total asset of BOMCO is of 9.796 billion Yuan in RMB and the annual sales revenue is more than 6 billion Yuan in RMB.


BOMCO is specialized in designing and manufacturing nine categories of conventional onshore drilling rigs, polar drilling rigs and offshore drilling package, with four drive modes ranging from 1,000 meters to 12,000 meters in drilling depth. BOMCO is providing offshore drilling equipments and offshore platform as an EPC contractor. The principal products of BOMCO also include F-series mud pump ranging from 500 HP to 3,000HP, well control and well head equipments, special vehicles, steep pipe, wireline, large size roller bit, power control system, and non-conventional oil and gas equipments. BOMCO products are of more than 1,000 types in more than 50 categories, among which 50 types in 12 categories have been approved to mark API monogram. The market of BOMCO products covers 58 countries and regions in the Middle East, America, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia, Europe and Oceania.


With the technological capability of research & development, BOMCO is leading the oil and gas drilling equipments industry of China. BOMCO has been appointed by Chinese government to set up the National Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment Engineering and Technology Research Center. BOMCO is the sole enterprise in China working as the secretariat for two national standardization departments (National Drilling Rig Standardization Department and National Offshore Drilling and Production Standardization Department). Up to now, BOMCO has received 96 national and provincial awards of science and technology, applied for 647 patents among which 525 national patents were approved, ranking the first place in petroleum equipment industry of China. The full-digital electric drive technology has been applied onto the land rigs ranging from 1,000-12,000 meters of drilling depth, as well as the offshore rigs.The trailer mounted mobile rigs has become a series with the drilling depth ranging from 1,000 to 7,000 meters. The F series of mud pumps ranging from 500 to 3000HP has become the leading products in the world featuring its high power and light weight.


Under the instructions of ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1, BOMCO has established a complete quality control system. In 1995, BOMCO was awarded the ISO 9001:1994 certificate of quality system by DNV. In 1998, BOMCO became the first Chinese company which was awarded both ISO 9001:1994 and API certificate of quality system. In 2001, BOMCO was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality system. In 1982, BOMCO became the first Chinese company which was awarded API monogram certificates. Up to now, as a company with the most API certificates, BOMCO holds API 4F5B6A 7-17-27K8C9A 11AX 11E16A16C for 50 products of 12 categories



In the spirit of Working for the Satisfaction of Customers, with the pursuit to build a world-known energy equipment company, BOMCO is supplying the excellent energy equipments and service to the clients. BOMCO drilling rigs and mud pump has been awarded National Customer Well-received Products for 3 times with the most production for 6 consecutive years in the world. BOMCO brand in both Chinese and English versions has been recognized by Chinese government as China Top Brand and registered in 37 countries worldwide. “BOMCO” has been granted “China Industry Iconic Brand” by China Brand Research Institute for its uniqueness and exclusivity, and “BOMCO” series drilling rigs are recognized by the State as “China Top Brand” products. BOMCO has won “30-years Innovation Award of China Brand”, “Excellent Contribution Award of China Petroleum & Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Industry” and “Award for Progress in Science and Technology of Energy Equipment”, and been honored as “National Leading Enterprise of Petroleum Drilling and Production Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, “Main Contributor to National Revitalization of Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, “World Well-known Brand Enterprise in Shaanxi Province” and “Innovation Enterprise in Shaanxi Province”. Moreover, BOMCO has made “New Records of Chinese Enterprises” for 9 consecutive years, and won the rewards of “Machine 500 China” for 9 consecutive years,  iPower 500 of China Machinery Industry” for 5 consecutive years, “China Top 100 Machinery Enterprises” for 5 consecutive years and “Top 500 Enterprises of China’s Manufacturing Industry” for 4 consecutive years. BOMCO has been recognized as “Industry Leading Enterprise” twice and “China Top 10 Brands in the World Market (Petroleum Machinery)” twice, and granted “China Most Influential Enterprise” for three times.


In the spirit of “providing energy equipment, creating harmonious society”, BOMCO makes all efforts to develop the spiritual civilization while guaranteeing the supply of energy equipment in China, and has won a lot of honors and titles, such as “National Model Staff Family”, “National Labor Day Medal”, “National Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relationship”, “China Best Employer Enterprise”, “National Award for Excellent Enterprise Culture”, “Top 100 for Enterprise Culture Building”, “China Civilized Unit”, “China Creditable AAA Enterprise”, “China First National Credit Registration Demonstration Enterprises”, “China Credible Enterprise”, “China Pioneering Industrial Enterprise for the Party Construction”, “Shaanxi AAA Credible Enterprise”, “Shaanxi Most Responsible Enterprise”, “Shaanxi Economic Development Contributor”, “Shaanxi Economy Leading Enterprise” and “Baoji Great Contributor to Industrial Development”, etc.  

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