Do you know the Mitutoyo digital calipers price in China?
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Summary:Do you know the Mitutoyo digital calipers price in China? The Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE 500 series calliper with exclusive AOS sensor technology is a Digimatic calliper that is made of durable hardened stainless steel and uses
Buy 500-171-30 - Mitutoyo - Digital Caliper, 6"/150mm, 0.01mm Resolution, 0.01mm Graduation.
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Mitutoyo 500-171-30 6"/150mm ABSOLUTE AOS Digimatic Caliper With SPC Data Output. Measuring Range 0-6"/0-1150mm; Resolution .0005in 0.01mm; Accuracy ±.001in.

We are pleased to carry the new Mitutoyo 500-171-30 ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper with exclusive AOS sensor technology.  the price is only 120 us dollars.

Buy 500-171-30 - Mitutoyo - DIGITAL CALIPER, 6"/150MM. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical, Sowant precision gage have large stock of all mitutoyo products.

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