INSIZE Digital Mircometer
INSIZE Digital Micrometer in stock price,$50 $ 100?

INSIZE is a world leader in measuring instruments. Their increasing popularity and brand recognition is driven by quality and value. INSIZE offers a large range of products including calipers, micrometers, data transfer systems, height measurement gages, internal and external diameter gages, indicators, squares, protractors, rules, pitch gages, granite surface plates, scales, microscopes, profile projectors, vision systems, levels, roughness testers, hardness testers, torque testers, torque wrenches, and force gages.

INSIZE guarantees that all of their products are of the highest quality and made to international standards. INSIZE manufactures high performance products at a great value price point.

All INSIZE products include customer service and support to guarantee trouble free use of their products.

INSIZE - Founded in 1995, is a dedicated supplier of measuring instruments. To enable us to serve the world-wide market, we are setting up an INSIZE distribution network on a global basis. INSIZE headquarter is located in China. We have branch companies in USA, Spain, India, Brazil and distributors in over 75 countries. We ensure that wherever you are, our INSIZE products have service and support that are within hands reach. Our dedication to Quality, Innovation, Service and Value has created a worldwide demand for the INSIZE products.   


Sowant Precision Gage Co.,Ltd located in Suzhou city nearby Shanghai ,about 70 kilometers away -a Leader of Chinese Gage Supplier, we can supply traditional gauges such as calipers, micrometers, dial gauges, indicators, height gauges, gauge blocks, API Plug and Ring Gages (API Specification 5B, API Specification 7-2, API Specification 11B, Misc. Connections), Cylindrical Gage, Thread Gage, Air Gage, Spline Gage, Hardness test blocks, Ceramic Gages, but also covers high-technology measuring instruments like hardness tester, vision measuring machine and so on. Our products are mainly manufactured in China according to international standards with calibration report.  

Chinese ACME thread gauge
China STUB ACME thread Gauge
Chinese ACME MOD thread gauge
delivery time: 3-4 weeks for all kind thread ring gauges with certs
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