1 1/4-8UN-3A
parameters1:1 1/4-8UN-3A RING GAGE
parameters2:1 1/4-8UN-3A GO RING GAGE
parameters3:1 1/4-8UN-3A RING GAGE,MADE IN CHINA

1 1/4-8 UN 3A Ring Go/NoGo Assembly-Go Member Pitch Diameter = 1.1688 ? Go Member Gage length = 1-1/8 ? NoGo Member Pitch Diameter = 1.1635 ?Thread ring gages are manufactured to an X tolerance in 1A, 2A and 3A go members ... #1-64-TRG-3A GO, #1-64 UNC 3A Go Ring Gage, 0.073, #1, 64 .0629". 1/4 8 UN 3A THREAD RING GAGES Purchase LG-1-5/8-8UN-GP2B Screw Limit Gauge (LG), Unified (U) Screw [Special ... of Screw Threads: UN], Class 2B (Old JIS), Plug (LG-1-5/8-8UN-GP2B) ... Class 3A (Old JIS), Ring · Screw Limit Gauge (LG), Metric (M) Screw, Class 1 (Old JIS), ... 1-1/4-8UN; 1-1/8-8UN; 1-1/16-12UN; 1/2-32UN; 2-8UN; 2-1/2-8UN; 3-8UN ...1-1/4-8 UN 3A Steel Go Ring Gage

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