Insize depth Gages
Insize depth Gages 1141-150A/1141-500A
Insize depth Gages PRICE in china?
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Insize depth Gages 1141-500A Price in China?

Electronic depth gage, 0-8"/0-200mm. Supplied with easy to open case, one hand operation.
Insize 1141-150A is a digital depth gage made of stainless steel.
The Insize 1141-300A Electronic Depth Gage is made from stainless steel and power by CR2032 battery. It features zero, on/off, and inch/mm buttons.

INSIZE 1141-5001A ELECTRONIC DEPTH GAGE, 0-20"/0-500mm.

Techno Tools! INSIZE 1141-300A 0-300mm/12 Digital Depth Gauge [IN-1141-300A] - Model : INSIZE 1141-300A 0-300mm/12" Digital Depth Gauge

INSIZE 1141-200 ELECTRONIC DEPTH CALIPER 200mm/8″ ... SKU: 1141-200 Categories: Depth Gauges, Measuring Equipment Tag: INSIZE 1141-200.

Insize 0-8"/200mm Electronic Depth Gage 1141-200A

INSIZE 1141-150A Electronic Depth Gage, 0-6"/0-150mm

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