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Air rings and air snap gages fit over the outside of a part, thereby giving an external measurement of diameter.  The air ring gage is made with a ground hardened steel body, lapped polished with built in air gage nozzles. When the ring gage is slipped over the workpiece, the resulting back pressure is sensed by the air gage readout and displayed as the diameter of the part. Air Rings come in 2 and 3 jet configurations. The three jet air ring check for three lobe out of round conditions prevalent in centerless ground parts that cannot be detected with a two jet air ring gage. For both air rings and air probes, the best wear life is obtained by using thru-hole or center-jet styles when the application permits.

Center jet style air rings have gaging nozzles in the center of the body

Shoulder type style air rings have the nozzle near the edge The gage application usually indicates whether it will be a hand-held item or set up as part of an overall stationary work station. Every gage generally will need a master to set/calibrate the gaging member and the air gage readout. This ensures dimensional data is both precise and quantitative. Masters are cylindrical plug gages, discs , ring gages, (link to cylindrical ring gage page), or set probes. 

Master ring gages are used to set air probes, bore gages and other internal measurement instruments.

Master plug gages and master setting discs are used to calibrate air rings, snap gages, and other external measurement instruments.

Air Snap Gage
  1. Useful for shaft diameter measurement
  2. Hardened rectangular steel body with precisely ground and lapped to maintain the clearance in the work piece
  3. May be designed for use with all air gaging systems
  4. The flow of air over gauging surface helps in self cleaning
  5. Tungsten carbide rest pads for long wear
  6. Available Range: 25 mm to 100 mm
  7. Available with up to three circuits
  8. Vee-type backstop may also be specified
  9. Through or shoulder shaft design
  10. Lightweight aluminum handle

Please provide the following information and we will provide you with your customized quote:

O.D. Air Rings for outside diameters – Air Rings for O.D. measurement

  • 1. Size and tolerance (including nominal) of diameter to be measured.
  • 2. Type of system and required amplification, magnification or scale, tooling is to be used on.
  • (Federal D-2500, Sheffield 10-M full 15” column, Moore 814 H .0014/. 000020 scale, etc.).
  • 3. Required configuration of air ring (Thru [center jet], close to shoulder, or super close to shoulder).
  • If super close to shoulder, specify required distance from shoulder.
  • Note: length of lands and/or distance from shoulder may determine jet size.
  • 4. Number of jets: 2 jet – roundness, straightness; 3 jet – cloverleaf or lobing condition; 6 jet – average diameter.
  • 5. Clearance required – min., standard, max.
  • 6. Accessories – handles, hose fittings, adapters, etc.
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