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Non-Contact Air Gauging, High Accuracy, Excellent Reliability, Gauge with 0.001mm least count, right on your shop floor.
Reduce process variation, Improve product & Production quality

1.        Air Plug Gauges: from 6mm to 100mm in through bore and blind bore designs, tailor made to suit your components. Ÿ

2.        Air Ring Gauges: from 10mm to 100 mm for checking outside diameters in Central and offset design suitable for plain and shouldered shafts.

3.        Air Caliper Gauges: from 10mm to 100mm for checking outside diameters of plain, shouldered and flanged shafts (Crankshaft)

4.        Coupled with the latest I air Electronic converter and column display units

5.        Suitable for any bore or shaft machined precisely from fine turning, grinding to a highly finished lapped surface with finish from 1-micron Ra or better.

6.        The non-contact and high clearance feature of air gauging makes it the best possible option for fast and accurate gauging with the highest reliability.

7.        ŸReadout Unit: We offer the a fully integrated and a highly reliable System the Air Electronic Column microprocessor

8.        based 3 colored bar graph & Digital display with built in Air to electronic converter for use with air gauges supplied complete with Filter – Regulator and connecting pipes.

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