Indicator Testing Machines
Item No.: SJ2620
Product name: SJ2620 Fully Automated Dial Indicator Testing Machines
Measuring range: 0~50mm
Resolution: 0.01μm
Repeatability: 0.1μm
Indication error: Random 2mm≤0.6µm, Random 10mm≤0.8µm, 50mm≤1µm
Application: Measure all kinds of indicator.
Manufacturer: Chotest Technology Inc.


§≡≡≡≡   Functions   ≡≡≡≡

1. Measure dial indicators, clock gauges, lever-type indicators, bore dial indicators, dial indicators with large range automatically according to the newest relevant regulations and standards.

2. Measure the above with digital display automatically.

3. Measure the above with imperial system automatically.

4. Semi-auto testing function, which is for testing dial indicators with stains.

5. Function of automatic zeroing without manual zeroing before testing.

6. Function of overstandard hinting in measuring process.

7. Process and qualify the measured data automatically.

8. Can display and print former test results and test reports including error sheet or curve of measuring points and deviation values compared to specified standard.

9. Can query and manage the test records according to object type, manufacturer, manufacturing number, inspector, submitted institution, equipment number, inspection date or effective date etc. 

10. Can print multiple selected test records or test certificates from database at once time.

11. Can export test data to the Word file.

12. Data backup and restore.

13.Can customize format of test report and test certificate according to requirements of customer.

14. Can customize testing standards according to requirements of customer.


§≡≡≡≡       Photo      ≡≡≡≡



§≡≡≡≡  Parameters  ≡≡≡≡

Measuring range (0-50)mm
Resolution 0.01µm
Accuracy of  1/30 of division value for clock gauge
automated reading1/60 of division value for dial indicator
Indication error Random 1mm ≤0.6µm
 Random 2mm ≤0.6µm
Random 10mm ≤0.8µm
Random 30mm ≤0.9µm
50mm ≤1µm
Return error ≤0.5µm
CE certificate CE-EMC, CE-LVD
Interface  RS232 (Can convert to USB)
Input voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Operation environmentTemp.(20±2)℃, RH(50~70)%
Dimension Dimension (600×300×235) mm


§≡≡≡≡  Description  ≡≡≡≡

SJ2620 measures dial indicators accurately and automatically by using Heidenhain precision linear encoder system, accurate measurement and control technology of glass-sale displacement, long-life patented precision rail, imported motorized control system, patented non-reflective light source, high-resolution CCD camera, control system with LCD touch screen, and the newest intelligent image processing technology.


A motor controlled by computer drives glass-scale to travel accurately, without manual adjustment by hand wheel or microdrum; All data is acquired by software automatically, without manual sampling; Scale and indication value are identified automatically by the CCD camera which completely simulates manual reading, without observed and read by operator; That Significantly reduces human labour and brainwork, as well as improves the testing speed.


SJ2620 is a fully automated testing machine. The operator only needs to install the dial indicator and select indicator type, division value, measuring range and other parameters in software, then the machine measures automatically after click the "Start" button, in accordance with relevant regulations. After measurement, the test record and result can be printed quickly(including data list of measuring points, error carve of forward – reverse measuring, qualification & eligibility level of indication errors, and so on). 


§≡≡≡≡     Features    ≡≡≡≡

1. Artificial intelligence: Do not need manual reading & recording & calculating and manual adjustment with hand wheel or microdrum.

    (1) Scale and indication value are identified automatically by the CCD camera which completely simulates manual reading, without observed, read and recorded by operator

   (2) Function of automatic zeroing without manual zeroing before testing;

   (3) A motor controlled by computer drives measuring spindle to arrive measuring point accurately, without manual adjustment by hand wheel or microdrum

   (4) Powerful software automatically processes and qualifies the measured data, finally generates test result, additionally all test records can be queried, displayed, saved, printed.


2. Special light source:

   (1) Patented no-reflective light source(Patent No.: ZL200620056214.1) 

   (2) If the surface of dial indicator is convex, the no-reflective light source is necessary to assure reliability of test data.


3. New patented slider:

National utility model patent(Patent No.: ZL201220239454.0)

Eliminate gap in forward – reverse measuring by reducing the wear between the slider and the guide rail;

High repeatability: significantly improve lifespan of the slider and guide rail.


4. Humanized design:

With Humanized design for both machine and software, the operator can be trained to use it in a short time. Operation of software with user-friendly UI is extremely simple. Particularly the system can identify pointer on dial indicator and acquire the indication value accurately even if the dial indicator is not in the right center of camera, so the dial indicator can be installed fast, and that simplifies the operating procedure and save operating time.


5. Large-capacity database

With built-in large-capacity storage space for database, the system can record and save all test records automatically.


6. Powerful print

Output 3 formal and nice report formats(curve, sheet or error value). Test data can be saved automatically, particularly a number of test results can be printed at a time, which saves operating time.


§≡≡≡≡  Accessories ≡≡≡≡


§≡≡≡≡ Configuration ≡≡≡≡
Standard configuration

1. SJ2620 host machine 

2. Workholder        

3. Desktop computer    

4. HP laser printer  

5. Aluminum alloy case   

6. Measuring software   

7. Cables                     

8. User manual         

9. Product certification and Warranty card  

Optional configuration

1. J30A digital force testing instrument
2. SJ21A Fixture for radial force to dial indicator
    Function: test influence of radial force to dial indicator 
3. SJ22 Extension bar for camera
    Function: for testing of bore dial indicator with long rod
4. SJ20C Workholder for expanding head bore dial indicator and steel ball-type dial indicator
    Function: For testing of expanding head bore dial indicators and Steel ball-type dial indicators
5. SJ20G workholder for imperial system indicator with rod diameter Ф9.525mm
6. SJ20J workholder for torsion spring indicator and Mechanical comparator with rod diameter Ф28mm
7. SJ20E Quick Workholder for lever-type indicator
8. Customize special workholder for rod diameter except Ф4-28mm
9. Machine verification fixture

10. Summer or winter laboratory uniform  

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